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AKYmed will help you select the right peripherals. Depending on your selection of any AKYmed product we recommend a variety of equipment that ensures high quality assessment in co-operation with QualiSperm.


AKYmed is an autorized distributor of Leja Slides in Switzerland. Leja is providing high quality disposable counting chambers especially made for semen analysis. Due to its characteristics, Leja slides will save time performing a semen analysis, as well as increase the level of accuracy and precision.

Leja slides

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For Automated Assessement Analysis we recommend:


Olympus CX 41 with camera output,0.5 reduction piece and phase contrast condenser. 10x objective for Concentration&Motility. 100x O.I. objective for Morphology.

Digital cameras

We equip our systems with a ½” CMOS sensor with excellent sensitivity

Work station (PC)

PC: Desktop with Intel Core i7, at least 2 GB RAM, 250 GB Hard disk. Operating system: min. Windows 7, Graphic cards: for Windows 7 computers: ATI, NVIDIA or Intel with at least 512 MB.

Heating stages

Not mandatory. Ask for a proposal.

Recommended disposables

The Leja slides have an excellent low limit of quantification and can handle high sperm concentrations providing direct clinical impact: you will be very well equipped to determine the thresholds for the various modalities of Assisted Reproduction Technologies (waiting for natural conception, IUI, IVF or ICSI). All Leja slides are provided with a certificate of Analysis.


Thinking about automatization?

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