Noah Genetics

A new range of services to conserve genetic ressources

AKYmed is proud to offer a new range of services in animal breeding under the brand name of Noah Genetics. We believe the issues related to the loss of genetic diversity in animal breeding can be tackled with good science. That’s why we offer you a range of tools that allow you to preserve important genetic material and to improve animal breeding practices based on genetic information. These tools can be used wherever animal artificial reproduction takes place: in conservation, in production and in research.

Sperm preservation

We develop solutions for the conservation of animal sperm. For short-term storage (few days), we provide solutions to dilute your samples and conserve their fertilization potency. This allow you to have more flexibility in your production routine or to transport fertilizing material to a facility to an other. For long the long term, we develop sperm cryopreservation solutions. Both can be performed on site by our team, or by yourself with our products.

Sperm biobanking

With sperm cryopreservation, we offer you long term banking of your genetic material. These sperm can be retrieved anytime to produce a new generation that carry the genetic material we have kept for you. This is a life-time insurance for your genetic material, this extends the generation time of your breeders, increases flexibility of gamete availability over time and most importantly, allow to restore extinct lines or populations after collapse

Breeding with DNA

Beyond the fusion of gametes, animal breeding is about the fusion of DNA.The combination of matching parental DNA is crucial for the health of the offspring. With Next Generation DNA Sequencing technologies, we provide you with the best way to match breeders together. We tell you, based on highly qualitative genetic information, how to avoid inbreeding and boost genetic diversity in your production. For a better animal health.

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