AKYmed morphological data assessment software.

AKYmed Morphology

Semi Automated Morphology Analysis

The sperm morphology module of QualiSperm is primarily based on mathematical morphology segmentation techniques. A dynamic local threshold operation transforms the grayscale microscope image into a binary matrix. Several morphological shape-based filters are applied for identification of specific sperm parts: head, acrosome, mid-piece and tail. The identified (segmented) sperm parts are then quantified in terms of purely geometric parameters such as length, width, area, angles, symmetry, perimeter and roughness. Sperms are classified against the WHO and Kruger sperm normality criteria. For instance, a head shape is classified as tapered if the ratio between head length and head width is higher than its corresponding normality interval.


AKYmed’s morphological data assessment software is available as a stand alone solution. It classifies sperms according to the “strict criteria” (Tygerberg Criteria) and provides semi automated morphological data assessment.

Patient File Storage

Number of sperms analyzed

% in and out of range sperms

% abnormalities head, midpiece and tail

Precise morphometric data of each spermatozoid

Unique Head-to-Tail recognition

Teratozoospermia index

Supports all WHO manual proposed staining methods

Cost control licensing plans

Together with our latest release we are introducing a new licensing model that adapts to our customers turnover. Whether you choose to go with our standard quarterly licensing model or only want to pay for what you need is now up to you. Our license per patient alternative is a transparent solution that allows our customers to minimize analysis cost per patient and lets them adapt pricing to their current workload.

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