Automating fertility Analysis.

We’re on a mission to help

Delivering accurate, reliable and fast results that doctors and patients can rely on is core value of everything we do at AKYmed. Our research and development team has always been driven to empower specialists in reproductive biology with the most advanced methods. Beyond that, improving our clients services is our main objective.

AKYmed excites…

by developing high performance applications built within a user friendly environment considering all aspects of the fertility industry.

AKYmed builds…

close client relationships. This allows us to learn about the every day needs within the industry and our team is dedicated to do anything possible to make our products work best for the people that rely on them every day.

AKYmed stands for…

efficiency and committed support that allows our clients to focus on what they do best; help patients every day and deliver an outstanding service themselves.

The AKYmed team

The AKYmed core team is a unique blend of experts in healthcare strategy, technology and operations with a mission to significantly change the way male fertility testing is done today. Seeing technology put to work and helping people every day is our passion. We stand behind our core values of

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