Automated assessment of male fertility

Next generation fertility analysis.

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Fast results

QualiSperm delivers reproducible analysis within 4 seconds, making it the fastest and most reliable Computer Aided Semen Analysis (CASA) software speeding up the entire analysis process.

Precise technologies

Crafted in Switzerland QualiSperm features leading automated image recognition technology analyzing over 1000 cells in one single image.

Empowering solutions

QualiSperm offers flexible licensing with no upfront investments necessary making AKYmed your first choice when professionalizing your business.

Four reasons for AKYmed

Developed in co-operation with leading partners in the fertility industry
QualiSperm is engineered for speed and accuracy and designed to be the most flexible, complete and reliable CASA software on the market.

Easy to use

QualiSperm seamlessly integrates into our customers very own workflow. It’s intuitive and user friendly interface makes customizing reports and spermiograms easier than ever.


AKYmed’s unique Digital Sperm Washing (DSW) algorithm in combination with Image Correlation Analysis (IMA) outperforms other systems at all concentration levels.


From pay as you go to complete multiple license coverage; our licensing model provides affordable modular components tailored to your specific use cases making cost control easy and efficient.


Our international team guides you through installation, configuration and customization of your system providing remote desktop support and regular health checks on all running systems.

What people say about AKYmed

  • “The first user-friendly application that adapts to our needs.”

    Fabien Murisier Fertas

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